The Arid Club Membership

Membership to the Arid Club is extended only through invitation from a member in good standing and subsequent approval by the Board of Directors. Any person, regardless of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability may become an Arid Club member.

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Resident Membership

Resident Membership offers full use of all Arid Club facilities and privileges. Resident Members possess voting privileges, may be elected to a club office position, and may sponsor candidates for membership in the club. Resident Membership is offered to individuals residing for sixty (60) or more days each calendar year in Ada, Canyon, Gem, Boise, Elmore or Owyhee counties. Guests are welcomed with the member or spouse during operating hours.

S Membership

“S” Membership is offered only to surviving spouses of deceased Resident or Non-Resident Arid Club members. "S" Members have full use of Arid Club facilities.

Non-Resident Membership

Non-Resident Membership offers full use of the Arid Club facilities when the member is in Boise. Non-Resident Members may propose new member candidates for club membership but may not vote or hold positions as a club officer. Non-Resident membership is available to all members residing for less than sixty (60) days in Ada, Canyon, Gem, Boise, Elmore and Owyhee Counties.

Junior Membership

Junior Membership is available to individuals who have not reached their 40th birthday. Junior Members have complete use of the club facilities, but may not vote or hold office.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership:  Business organization members shall be duly formed under the state of their formation and be in continuous good standing under the state of their formation so long as they are members of the club.  Each business organization shall designate one employee for each membership fee paid by the business organization.  If a designate employee would like to become a member in his/her own right, then she/he shall be given priority consideration for membership by the Executive Committee and shall become a member upon paying the appropriate initiation fee.  Each business organization's membership is valid for fifteen years.  A business organization member, upon payment of a fee, may change the designated employee no more than once a year and any new designated employee must be nominated and approved by the Executive Committee.


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