Annual Meeting Recording


Watch the video on Vimeo, using the password provided in the email. If you are on a computer, in the description you will notice you can click the time markers to take you directly to the corresponding section in the video.

Video Table of Contents:

  • 0:00 Opening RemarksKingfish, Doug Pill
  • 7:34 Certification of Quorum & Closing of the BallotsCorporate Secretary, Wyatt Johnson
  • 8:50 Moment of SilenceKingfish, Doug Pill
  • 9:34 Approval of 2019 MinutesKingfish, Doug Pill
  • 11:00 Year in ReviewKingfish, Doug Pill
  • 21:24 Finance CommitteeTreasurer, Julie Hawkins
  • 35:25 House CommitteeCommittee Liaison, Mason Fuller 
  • 42:29 Membership CommitteeCommittee Liaison, Robert McCarvel 
  • 51:43 Events CommitteeCommittee Chair, Robert Vorbeck
  • 58:00 Marketing/Communications CommitteeMembership Director, Cherie Prochaska 
  • 1:06:00 Special AcknowledgmentsTom South, Vice Chair 
  • 1:11:11 Election ResultsCorporate Secretary, Wyatt Johnson
  • 1:12:18 ClosingKingfish, Doug Pill

As a reminder this video and other annual meeting documents including the slide deck, meeting agenda, financial statement and last year’s meeting minutes can be found here, in the members only section. You will need your member login, if you do not know it please email

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