Arthur Hart, Thank You for Your Work


Without Arthur Hart we would not have this preserved piece of history for our beloved club.

Thank you to David Klinger for having Arthur sign a copy for us before he retired.

As Arthur “hangs up his keyboard” this year we wanted to thank him for his dedication to preserve Idaho history since 1970.

Below are the Dedication, Preamble and Tradition quotes from The Arid Club: Its Life & Times history book written by Arthur Hart.


In August 1995 another significant milestone occurred when we retained the distinguished and esteemed writer and historian Arthur Hart to compile for us the first ever history of our club. I hereby dedicate this history to all the members, both past and present, who have preserved the tradition of our club and to those who have served as members of the executive committee for their dedication, assuring all of us a successful future for our exceptional organization.

Bernie Gratton, Chair, Executive Committee 1995


Idaho has its institutions but none has more class, style and elegance than the dining, watering, eating and meeting place know as the Arid Club. For well over one hundred years the business, political and educational leadership of Idahoans met at the Arid Club for fellowship and the good of the state.

The synergism created has been a moving and significant factor in creating the wealth, livability and generosity so typical of all Idahoans – and all of Idaho.

Blain F. Evans, Chair, Executive Committee 1996


As the old Jewish saying goes “Tradition is the blood of life.” In jealously guarding our privacy we as a club have not done a good job of passing on our traditions to our members. The Arid Club represents the best of Idaho’s history, its present and its future. In order to preserve the wonderful culture of our club and to share its traditions with our newer members, your dedicated History Committee has guided the development of this book.

Art Berry, Chair, Executive Committee 1997

Another Thank You to the History Committee at the time that helped make this book possible with Arthur Hart.

History Committee

Ed Trout, History Committee Co-Chair
Allen Derr
Blaine Evans, Kingfish
Bernard Gratton, Kingfish
Dr. William Houston
Dr. Ralph Jones
Merrily Munther
Pat Wilcomb

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