August 13th – Club Night! 

We are excited to offer a Salmon option in addition to our traditional Prime Rib Dinner menu! 

It has been a pleasure to offer Club Night to-go and a modified in-house Club Night during this pandemic. This month we are adding an option to the offering, Salmon, if you don’t prefer Prime Rib.

If you do prefer Prime Rib, don’t worry that is not going anywhere!

We know during a Pre-COVID Club Night you would have been enjoying a FULL SPREAD buffet and we hope that will return someday. But for now, we are striving for this modified version to still be a bright spot in your month.

As we roll out a second entree choice this month, we hope you’ll understand that we are not currently able to offer a combo entree, of both the Prime Rib and Salmon.

RSVP by noon on Wednesday, August 12th

Please have your orders placed by this time, in order to ensure our high level of service to all our members. 

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