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Kingfish Korner August 2021

Arid Club Update Membership We currently have 278 members, 30 of those have joined within 2021! We have a steady stream of inquires and interest, especially with all the newcomers moving to Boise. Bylaw max is 330, so we still have room for more. It’s your club, who would you like to see here? Finances […]

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House Committee Update May 2021

Greetings Fellow Arid Club Members, We’d like to introduce you to this year’s House Committee: Jeff Cliff, Wyatt Johnson, Kathy Winterton, Dodds Hayden, Patty Hagedorn & Dan Berger. House Committee Update #1: Jeans are now allowed on club night. Collared shirts and sports coats are still required. House Committee Update #2: Shorts and tasteful t-shirts […]

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Kingfish Korner March 2021

Happy St. Patrick’s Day COVID Protocols are still in place. We are all eager to get back to the way things were and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Until then, please remember we still have COVID protocols in place. House Committee Update. Jeans are now allowed on club night. Collared shirts […]

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Kingfish Korner February 2021

Thank You For Your Patronage December was a profitable month. We did about half of what we did last December. Given the pandemic we’re living through, it’s to be commended. Thank you to Theresa and her staff. We’ll be reforecasting the remainder of the fiscal year ending June 30th, after we have the completed January […]