Congratulations to our 2020 ICON award winners!

On Thursday, August 14th, we celebrated our Arid Club members at Idaho Business Review’s ICON virtual awards!

While it was different celebrating from behind a computer screen, it was inspiring to hear them and fun to celebrate their success!

Darrel Anderson
Retired President and CEO at IDACORP and Idaho Power Company

Darrel Anderson worked at Idaho Power for 24 years. During his six years as President and CEO he spent time investing in its people.

He wanted to create the culture where people truly felt valued.

Darrel’s employees said he stood out as a leader for considering others’ opinions and being willing to change his mind.

Darrel says he hopes people remember him as leader who acted with the highest level of integrity, respect and transparency.

Congratulations, Darrel!

Lysi Bishop
CEO Lysi Bishop Real Estate

If you’ve driven past a beautiful luxury home in Boise with a for sale sign out front, chances are Lysi Bishop’s company is handling the sale.

An Idaho native, she says she came in to the world with a strong work ethic and talent for detail.

She has also excelled at leading her team with effective communication.

As a successful business woman, wife and mother, Lysi says the one thing she wished she learned earlier is to ask for help, find mentors and learn the value of coaches.

Congratulations, Lysi!

Roy Eiguren
Partner Eiguren Public Policy Firm

This is not Roy Eiguren’s first honor from the Idaho Business Review.

Two years ago, he was named the lifetime achievement winner for the Leaders in Law awards.

His past roles have included Deputy Secretary of State and Ada County deputy prosecuting attorney.

Today Roy is a managing partner for Eiguren Ellis Public Policy.

As for being named an ICON, Roy says he’s flattered, exhilarated and in some ways surprised, to be honored in such remarkable company.

Congratulations, Roy!

(Member for 31 years, from 1985-2017)

Nicholas Miller
Managing Partner Hawley Troxell 

Nicholas Miller has always looked to lead by example.

The managing partner at Hawley Troxell, he is known as a quiet force and excellent problem solver.

A native of Canyon County, he started working at age 14, then graduated from Stanford Law School and worked in New York City.

For Nick and his wife Cathy, the move back to Idaho was life changing.

When it comes to his legacy, Nick says he wants to be remembered as a guy who could always say something that would put a smile on your face.

Congratulations, Nick!

Winston Moore
Founder W.H. Moore Company

If you look around Boise, you will see Winston Moore’s impact everywhere.

His business, W.H. Moore Company, has been a stalwart in commercial real estate development for decades.

It is the true story of the American Dream.

Winston, now 95 years old, went out in to the world as a young man with $20 in his pocket, borrowed from his father. Today, he is a multi-millionaire.

Winston reminds young people that they can do anything they want in life – just as long as they are laser focused on their goal and willing to make all the time and sacrifices required.

Congratulations, Winston!

(Member for 34 year, from 1977-2011)

C.L. “Butch” Otter
Former Governor of Idaho

Butch Otter is a legend of Idaho politics.

In addition to three terms as governor, he has served as the State Legislator, Lieutenant Governor and US Representative.

The sixth of nine children in an Idaho family, he worked odd jobs growing up, developing a strong work ethic and sense for the value of a dollar.

As for his legacy, Governor Otter says he hopes to be remembered as a business man who never over promised or under delivered. As a elected official, he hopes his legacy is that he represented his constituents well.

Congratulations, Governor Otter!

Kevin Settles
President/CEO Bardenay Restaurants and Distilleries

As owner and president of Bardenay Restaurants and Distilleries, Kevin Settles has elevated the Idaho dining scene.

The company was the nation’s first restaurant distillery, combining a full service restaurant and a bar with a distillery.

Kevin says his biggest challenge came right after college when he started the first hard cider company in the US.

Kevin says the secrets to success are hard work and not dwelling on the downsides for long.

Congratulations, Kevin!

And last, but not least, the event ended with a celebrity guest appearance by none other than, “The most interesting man in the world!

Congratulations again to our members and all the honorees, The Arid Club celebrates you and your success!

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