Congratulations to our CEOs of Influence!

Last Thursday, we celebrated our Arid Club members at Idaho Business Review’s CEO of Influence virtual awards!

While it was different celebrating from behind a computer screen, it was inspiring to hear them and fun to celebrate their success!

Odette Bolano was recognized first and asked:

“How did COVID-19 impact your management style?”

“We have to have compassion, grace, understanding and humility in the way we are leading. 

Everyone is trying to do the best that they can.

We know that the change is great, there are a lot of unknowns. 

We have to accept and encourage people to say: “I don’t know, but this is what I think” and, allow that to be an okay answer.

Then move forward with trial and error. 

You know, fail fast – move on.

If it’s a great idea, move it quickly through the organization.”

-Odette Bolano, President and CEO at Saint Alphonsus

Steve Cilley was recognized next and asked:

“How important is diversity in your organization, and what are you doing to encourage it?”

“We want to always be very vigilant & aware of who we have in our organization.

If you end up with an organization of all the same people, regardless of what group they are, you have a very stuck-think.

You’re not going to be thinking differently, you’re now going to be thinking one way – and that’s the danger.

You can’t just have a quota of things and expect to have the best.

You have to actually look at the best and go after that.

And, always get that diverse opinion and diverse thought.

Steve Cilley, CEO at Ataraxis, Inc.

Then Rhea Allen was recognized and asked:

“What advice would you give to your younger self?”

“I feel like I always had to, in my early years, prove that I could do it, prove that I had knowledge or something to share and value to give.

I think if I would have given my younger self more confidence that I had the value, the knowledge, the worth and the ability to do what I did.

Then maybe, I would have been able to do more than what I did, in my younger years.”

Rhea Allen, President and CEO at Peppershock Media

And last, but not least, the event ended with a celebrity guest appearance by none other than, Chuck Norris, who let the honorees know they were all “Chuck Norris Approved!”

Congratulations again to our members and all the honorees, The Arid Club celebrates you and your success!

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