Kingfish Korner August 2021

Arid Club Update

We currently have 278 members, 30 of those have joined within 2021! We have a steady stream of inquires and interest, especially with all the newcomers moving to Boise. Bylaw max is 330, so we still have room for more. It’s your club, who would you like to see here?

We are positive over $70K this year which is great news to be able to share, in the middle of a pandemic. A huge thank you to all those who made this possible: The Staff, The Board & The Members!

General Manager, Theresa Korpi, is retiring. We wish her well and are very appreciative of her tireless efforts in successfully managing the club through the pandemic. Her replacement, JR Burnett III, from Hillcrest Country Club will start in September.

Tom South, our Kingfish, is in Seattle awaiting an organ transplant. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family during this time. While he is away, Wyatt Johnson, current Vice Chairman is serving as acting Kingfish.

Thank you again for supporting your club, we appreciate all of you and hope to see you at the club!

Wyatt Johnson, Vice Chairman and acting Kingfish
Julie Hawkins, Treasurer
Cherie Prochaska, Director of Membership

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