Kingfish Korner February 2021

Thank You For Your Patronage

December was a profitable month. We did about half of what we did last December. Given the pandemic we’re living through, it’s to be commended. Thank you to Theresa and her staff.

We’ll be reforecasting the remainder of the fiscal year ending June 30th, after we have the completed January financials.

Thank you for using the club, we wouldn’t have had the year we had without our members. The momentum we are seeing this year is exciting.

Membership Committee Report

Special Guest:
Connie Miller, Regional President of Horizon Credit Union

The membership committee is doing good work and seeing some great success. Your peer members on the committee are staying focused on adding value, bringing engagement opportunities and adding members.

2021 New Members:
We’ve had eleven new members join this year, nine in January alone! Please take some time to get to know them.

Navigator’s Program:
The membership committee launched our Arid Club Navigators program this month. We know this will increase engagement and retention, as well as be mutually beneficial for new and established members. We are still in need of more volunteers to give an hour of their time, monthly or quarterly.

Most people assume you have to be invited to Arid Club membership. It even states that on our website. Who is out there waiting for their invitation? There are probably many in your circles that would interested in joining if they received an invitation. Get in touch with Cherie if you would like assistance.

To sum up, we have some great momentum going and a lot of interest! Cherie is doing a fabulous job at connecting people and identifying additional resources to attract members.

Anything Connie or anyone on the membership committee can do to assist you, please let us know.

Kingfish Closing

Thank you Connie for that update.

We have a pandemic, the world changes drastically for everyone, and we have a positive net gain in membership. Go figure!

The Navigator program is fantastic! Anything we can do to help new members get engaged, meet new people and feel comfortable using their club is time well spent.

Thank you for being a member and using your club.

If we haven’t met, let’s fix that,
Tom South
Arid Club Kingfish
(208) 863-2820

Hope to see you at the club!

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