Kingfish Korner January 2021

Happy New Year!

We’re half way through our fiscal year and we have 11 new members to welcome!

Our top three goals for 2021 remain:

Membership Growth.
Membership is the life blood of all private clubs so this will continue to be a push in 2021. If you know anyone who would make a good member and would be interested in joining The Arid Club, please reach out to them. Invite them to become a member. You can reach out to Cherie for assistance.

Membership Utilization:
Let’s all frontload our minimums! I would love to see the club as busy in January as it was last month as members were trying to use their expiring minimums.

Membership Retention:
The membership committee is piloting a program called Arid Club Navigators this month in an effort to integrate new members in to the club. Check it out and sign up!

Financial Update

COVID still continues to affect our bottom line, especially with the lack of private parties throughout December.

Our business model has shifted, we’ve been busy in a different way with to-go orders and philanthropy meals.

Current ratio
November 2019 = 2.16%
November 2020 = 2.36%

Theresa is doing a fantastic job of managing to the bottom line.

Condolences to The Buffington Family

Dean Buffington was not only a great Arid Club member for 42 years he was a terrific gentleman. Anyone who knew Dean does not need to be reminded that he will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Judy, and his two daughters, Denise and Julene. He will be deeply missed.

Thank God it’s 2021!

If we haven’t met, let’s fix that,
Tom South
Arid Club Kingfish
(208) 863-2820

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