Navigators Program

Connect. Retain. Grow.

Program Overview:

As a rotating navigator for new Arid Club members, you are the “welcoming handshake” of the entire club. At the beginning of each month, navigators will be assigned a new Arid Club member to connect with. Your time and support will help the new members feel comfortable in the Arid Club. Your willingness to help new members in this way will have outstanding benefits for your club & its membership. 

Characteristics of a Navigator:

  • Has a high level of knowledge, dedication and interest in the Arid Club 
  • Is willing and able to devote time and energy to help new members  
  • Understands the house rules  
  • Well connected with other Arid Club members


  • Personally meet, call or zoom with your assigned new member at least one time 
  • Invite and sit with the new member at club night and other events that you are attending
  • Introduce the new member to other club members, in person or virtually
  • Help the new member understand how to utilize the club and understand the club rules  
  • Answer questions and provide advice and guidance  
  • These are the basic responsibilities of a navigator, but there are many additional ways you can provide support to a new member