New Normal for Teacher Appreciation?

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“Here’s how we came up with a win-win-win solution to a problem of how to show appreciation to teachers at our kids’ school. 

At our school, parents usually provide a pot-luck style dinner to the teachers during parent-teacher conferences.  Given COVID related concerns, the parent/teacher association looked for a safer way to provide dinner. 

When I heard about the need, I reached out to the Arid Club to see if they could prepare to-go meals for our school.  The Arid Club staff was fantastic and prepared two menu choices that were not only delicious, but fit within the budget I gave them. 

The teachers got to enjoy a delicious dinner (win #1), the Arid Club got a big food order (win #2) and I got a tax free way to use up a good chunk of my prepaid meal credit (win #3).  I encourage all members to reach out to Rachel and Cherie to discuss how you can work with the Arid Club to make an impact in our community. ”

-Michael Treinen
First Vice President, UBS Wealth Management

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