Over 230 meals delivered around the Treasure Valley.


Have you heard about our philanthropy meals?

In September, we asked for nominations around the community of people and/or organizations who needed a pick-me-up, in the form of a delicious free meal.

As the nominations rolled in, we began working our way through the list and asked members to sponsor those meals.

The response from our members to fill those sponsorships was overwhelming! So far, we’ve been able to bless three organizations with 230 meals.

In October, we delivered 150 meals to the staff at the Boise Rescue Mission and 18 meals to the staff at CATCH. In November, we were able to fill a very important need at the Ronald McDonald house and provided 31 lunches and 31 dinners to their guests and staff.

As we are rounding out the year, are there any other organizations you would like to see meals delivered to?

Our nomination form is still open and you can submit your request here.

Are you a member wanting to sponsor more community meals?

Just click the button below! (*These purchases will be applied to your minimums and are tax deductible.)

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