Salon Session: First Class Networking Credibility

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Wednesday, November 3rd 12-1pm

How to Grow Your Business By Growing Your Network

How did a little farm girl named Shelly grow up to create a global online community with 6,500 entrepreneurs in one year? What Jedi strategy did 6-year-old New Yorker named Christopher use to one day create a global network which would attract billionaire Elon Musk and catapult him to become a Fortune 100 global speaker – what he calls next-level networking?

In this timely and exciting keynote, Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top 5 Business Leaders to Watch” Shelly Yorgesen and Inc. Magazine’s “The Billionaire Networker” Christopher Kai share how you can master networking based on science, storytelling, and simple, effective strategies you can instantly apply to exponentially grow your business. 

Join fellow members for lunch at the club and virtually learn from Shelly and Christopher as they share their First Class Networking strategies!


About the Speakers

Shelly Yorgesen

Shelly Yorgesen is the founder and CEO of Executive Networking Events (ENE), a global pioneer in high-level executive connections and communities. Whether through high-ticket exclusive masterminds at a 1,900-acre estate in Ireland or in online communities, she has successfully helped 1,000s of entrepreneurs and executives understand how to create and leverage their networks to grow their businesses. Shelly is also an international speaker, bestselling author, and the co-founder and president of Operation Christmas Magic, an Idaho-based non-profit which creates and curates bespoke charity events for her local and global community.

Shelly is also being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as the “top five business leaders to watch in 2021.”

Christopher Kai

Inc. Magazine has called him “The Billionaire Networker” and Forbes has recognized him as an “international speaker.” Christopher Kai is a Fortune 100 global speaker, 6x author, former American Express business strategist, and #1 international bestselling author of “Big Game Hunting: Networking with Billionaires, Executives and Celebrities.” He is also the founder of GPS, a Forbes-featured “online program which helps entrepreneurs become professional speakers.” Their global private members reside in 120 cities, 30 countries, and 6 continents. He has helped his corporate and online clients generate $200 million in revenue. 

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