Santa came early to The Arid Club!


Are you looking for a last minute gift? The Arid Club has you covered. (Purchases will be applied to food and beverage minimums.)

Lanson’s Music Box Champagne

Champagne Lanson with a premium metal gift box that amplifies your tunes.

Take away the Lanson bottle from the Music Box, and place your smartphone in the space provided for the purpose of amplifying your favorite music. The metal box, serves only to amplify your music in its unique design and is compatible with most smartphones.

$80.00 + service charge & tax.

Riedel’s 2+1 Gift Set

Riedel’s 2+1 Gift Set features 2 Riedel glasses with room for any standard sized bottle of wine you desire, making for the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life (Wine not included). 

$20 + service charge & tax.

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