The Club Is Reopening

What you need to know about The Club’s reopening.

A word from Kingfish and COVID-19 re-opening precautions from the General Manager. 

Dear Arid Club Members,
I’d like to begin with an expression of gratitude to Theresa and her staff for getting creative during these unprecedented times.  Being proactive early on has been instrumental in the stability we are recognizing today.  The Club offering such extensive nightly to-go offerings, and changing it up every week has been a much needed positive impact.  Thank you to all of the members that ordered to go thus far.  The staff pulled off two club nights to-go as well as Easter and Mother’s day to-go. They promoted Virtual zoom meetings for Ladies’ Night, Women in Finance and Salon Sessions. They also catered lunches and dinners for essentials workers and delivered them to the Governor’s office, the Mayor’s office and local epidemiologists – all on behalf of you, the members.

Please know, the staff is taking an abundance of precaution to keep you safe and healthy when you are at the club. Those precautions and guidelines are outlined in this email and I encourage you to read them.

We know that everyone’s comfort levels are varied during this time. Some people have been comfortable with take out from the get go and some haven’t. Some of you will be ready to dine at the club on Monday and some of you won’t… and we respect that. Out of respect for all of our members we are extending your food and beverage minimums so that you can use the club to your comfort level when you are ready.

Financially the club is staying healthy, as well.  The support of the members has continued to be strong. We have lost very few members during this time and we truly appreciate your loyalty. The club has continued to be able to stay viable, maintaining the physical and human assets. Operating at a reduced, but efficient, level has brought us through this challenge.  We have also taken advantage of some tax reductions. Continuing to do so while opening and maintaining the safety of our members and employees, is our next challenge.

Thank you for being such an important part of the Arid Club. Together, we will get through this. I’m extremely proud to be a leader of this organization and will look forward to the next few months as we remain strong and focused. Stay healthy and safe. 

See you at the club,
Doug Pill

Arid Club Members, 

Thank you for all your support of our lunch and dinner specials to go, Easter and Mother’s Day brunch, Cinco de Mayo and Club Night. The Executive Committee will extend minimums, and as we continue to reopen and follow guidelines, we will update minimum requirements. Hopefully, Boise will continue to meet each stage criteria and be fully open, with certain restrictions, by mid-June.

 As we move into the next phase of re-opening under Idaho Rebounds, we wanted to give you an idea of the changes you will see as we cautiously re-open Arid Club’s in house dining to our members on Monday, May 18th.

As always, our primary focus is the safety and well-being of our staff and members.We will continue to go orders, delivered outside to your car.We will be open for both lunch and dinner, but will be limiting meeting space and large groups. We would ask members to make reservations and keep table groups 6 feet apart in the entry. Tables of more than six will not be allowed.The member table will also be set for a maximum of six.Tables are spaced 10’ apart in the dining room to ensure social distancing. We also would ask that any members who have any Covid symptoms, not come to the club. Members are encouraged to practice social distancing, avoid handshaking and wash or sanitize hands frequently. If you are in a vulnerable category, please use your best judgment.We will be continuing to follow all CDC guidelines for constantly sanitizing and cleaning of all the surfaces throughout the restaurant.Menus will be laminated and sanitized after every use.Our staff will be wearing masks and gloves throughout our service to you and we will work to make sure you are allowed a relaxed but efficient dining experience.All employees will be temperature checked upon arrival and anyone registering over 100.4 will be sent home. All frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Masks for members are not required, but we ask that you be kind and sensitive to everyone’s own concerns and space.All normal beverages will be available from the bar. Although, per city regulations there can be no gathering in the bar until Stage 3, or after June 1st, if all criteria is met during the previous stages.  There will continue to be diminished occupancy.  During Stage 4, we will also be able to accommodate gatherings of more than 50 people.  Again, our primary focus is the safety and well-being of staff and members.  With cooperation and understanding, we will get through this together!  We’re looking forward to seeing you at The Club.

Theresa Korpi
General Manager

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