To-Go Orders. The “New Normal” at The Arid Club.

Most of us are tired of hearing about the “New Normal.” We want to go back to eating out and we’re tired of cooking at home.

As COVID-19 cases are on the rise again we are pleased to offer quality, value driven nightly specials to keep things safe, convenient and delicious for you at home.

The integration of To-Go Ordering at the club has been such a success, we think it is safe to say it’s here to stay.

One of those silver linings we’ll take with us once this pandemic is over.

Members are using To-Go for lunch and dinner. Feeding themselves, their colleagues, their employees, their friends, their neighbors and their dinner guests.

If making an accompaniment salad for your dinner party doesn’t excite you, do what one of our members did, order Leticia’s Salad, for 8!

Do you have employees you want to feel appreciated? Do what another member did and order 100 lunches to-go.

Want to show your appreciation for our local epidemiologists? Do what one member did and arrange for them to have dinner to-go from the club for them and their families!

We are grateful to be a part of your lives away from the club for the time being, and look forward to having you back at the club, sooner rather than later!

Until then – we’ll always have to-go

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