Welcome new member, Brian Randolph!

Brian is the Managing Principal at BR Wealth Management a Boise-based, independent wealth management firm. 

Brian was born and raised in Michigan but has lived in Idaho for the past 16 years.  He comes from a long line of engineers on his mother’s side of the family and fulfilled his destiny by earning a BSE Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Michigan

His father’s side of the family were business and finance professionals however, and those genes eventually won out.  After working as an engineer for several years, Brian attended Purdue University for his MBA with a focus on accounting and finance.  He was the President of the Student Managed Investment Fund when it won national recognition and he credits that experience with his career change into personal finance.  He now describes himself as a “recovering engineer” and leans heavily on his analytical background in serving his wealth management clients.

He and his wife Shannon Manoulian (also an engineer) often wonder if their daughter Ella will carry on the family tradition.

Outside of work, he’s an avid Michigan and Detroit sports fan.  Brian grew up skating on frozen ponds in the cold Michigan winters and plays hockey in several local leagues.  If you have ever had to play against him, he asks that you don’t judge him by whatever happened on the ice.  

You can find Brian having lunch at the club or picking up his club night meal and participating in the Navigator’s Program.

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