Welcome new member, Mindy Ngo!

Mindy Ngo holds a master’s degree in Applied Statistics at CSUEB and is a Gates Millennium alumnus. Additionally, Mindy is skilled in artificial intelligence, data science and algorithm development, having more than 12 years’ experience in data analytics.

Miss Ngo built 3 AI algorithms for travel, health, and the fin-tech industries. With that combination and a deep background in developing Blockchain technology, particularly proof of stake (PoS) and decentralized finance (DeFi), commercial real estate, and technology-focused companies, Mindy is integral to the technological development and implementation as COO at BridgeTower Capital.

Mindy’s love for travel and diving led her to 6 continents, 55 countries, and 130 cities. You’ll most likely bump into Mindy trail-running in Patagonia, snowboarding in Chamonix, 120’ underwater with hammerhead sharks, or sitting down on the sidewalk eating street food with the locals.

Mindy and her boyfriend, Scott, have jumped in to club membership with both feet attending; Club Nights, Poker Night, Valentine’s, Ladies’ Night and the Navigator’s program in just her first month of membership!

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