Women’s Equality Day


Each year, since 1971, August 26 has been designated and celebrated in the United States as Women’s Equality Day.

100 years ago, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was passed Aug. 26, 1920, granting women throughout the United States the right to vote.

First Women Arid Club Members

30 years ago, Sharon Allen became the first woman member of The Arid Club. Followed shortly by Elisabeth Zinser becoming the second woman member.

Women in Arid Club Leadership

Since then, The Arid Club has had three women, Cheryl Larabee (2004), Alicia Ritter (2012), and Meg Carlson (2016) lead the club as Kingfish, Board Presidents.

When Meg Carlson became Kingfish in 2016 she and her membership chair Candi Allphin set a goal of growing women membership to 20% by the year 2020.

2020 being the 100th anniversary of woman’s suffrage, Idaho was the 4th state to ratify in 1920.

Today, 21% of Arid Club members are women.

On this special anniversary we would like to recognize our women members:

Adelia Simplot
Alice Hennessey
Angella Broesch
Anne Glass
Candi Allphin
Carol Deasy
Dr. Carol MacGregor
Catherine Stein
Charlene A. Maher
Christine Nicholas
Christy Suciu
Connie Miller
Debra Riedel
Diane Minnich
Effie Kaufman
Eileen L Barber
Elizabeth Langley
Gaynelle Jordan
Jane Wittmeyer
Jennifer McAnaney Swajkoski
Jill Aldape
Jodi Whittaker
Julie Hawkins
June Kilkenny
Karyl Hayden
Kasandra Henry
Kate Morris
Kathy Winterton
Katy Weiser
Keely E. Duke
Lana Claire Hollingshead
Leslie Garrett
Linda Payne Smith
Linda Yanke
Lisa Grow
Lori Dizes
Lysi Bishop
Marcia Rodgers
Mary Abercrombie
Mary Loretta Apel
Meg Carlson
Odette Bolano
Patricia Hagedorn
Rebecca Arnold
Rhea Allen
Royanne Minskoff
Sandra Dalton
Sandra Mendenhall
Sharon Bantrup
Shavonna Case
Tammy Wheeler
Tina Vorbeck
Wendy Hood Neufeld

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